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    BGP Control Plane Behavior Overview

    The VPN service in IPv6 VPN Services over IPv4 MPLS includes both CE 1 (VRF A) and CE 2 (VRF B). The MPLS base tunnels are established to tunnel endpoints PE 1 and PE 2 at their loopback interfaces. The loopback address for PE 1 is FFFF::; for PE 2, it is FFFF::

    The BGP next hop that is advertised in the MP-BGP update includes the following:

    • A VPN-IPV6 address with the RD set to zero
    • The 16-byte IPv6 address encoded as an IPv4-mapped IPv6 address that contains the IPv4 loopback address of the advertising PE router

    The IPv4 IGP, such as OSPF, advertises the reachability of the loopback interfaces on the PE routers. LDP binds label L2 to on the P router.

    Published: 2014-08-18