AAA server general








Subscriber count exceeds license plus grace; internal attachment errors; unable to delete username trigger from NVS; unable to insert encrypted username trigger in NVS

Warning Log

Subscriber count exceeds license; cannot grow internal memory pools; accounting message failures; the Framed-IPv6-Prefix RADIUS attribute is used for both IPv6 Neighbor Discovery router advertisements and DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation; Notify duplicate event ignored for profileHandle: profileHandle issu in progress; Notify duplicate event ignored for profileHandle: profileHandle unable to allocate memory; unable to delete trigger from aaaUsernameToTriggerDataMap

Notice Log

Authentication failures resulting from memory allocation failures




Authentication failures resulting from reasons other than memory allocation failures; status of authentication; accounting and address assignment requests sent to local (internal) servers; duplicate accounting message failures; EAP challenge received; memory allocation failure for tunnel definition table and profile; failed to insert tunnel attribute and tunnel tag table; container size exceeded: creating new; found unexpected tunnel table; dsl-forum attribute type parse error: limited data or overflow; Duplicate prefix event received for profileHandle: profileHandle; failed to configure radiusPerProfileMap entry due to unavailability of the resources; failed to configure aaaPerProfileNameMap entry due to insertion failure; deletion of the AAA per-profile results in an internal error due to failure of the AAA per-profile name mapping table; displays the value of NAS-Port and NAS-Port-Type; detected duplicate prefix; unable to detect duplicate prefix; failed to allocate IPv6 prefix; failure of IPCP negotiations with LCP configuration requests and LCP terminate requests; authentication request and authentication termination failure from the AAA server; denial of authentication owing to failure of Access-Request and Access-Accept messages; release and acquisition of IPv4 addresses during interim accounting; transmission of RADIUS messages with Ipv4-release-control RADIUS VSA attribute [26-164] included; successful release and negotiation of IPv4 addresses; Service Manager accounting activation when the IPv4 interface moves to the up state; Service Manager accounting deactivation when the IPv4 interface moves to the down state; No IPv4-related attributes received : Inhibit IPv4CP for profileHandle; No IPv6-related attributes received : Inhibit IPv6CP for profileHandle; failed to send interim accounting messages to the primary accounting server; interim accounting is disabled on the broadcast virtual router; user accounting is disabled on the broadcast virtual router