Setting a Baseline for SNMP Statistics

SNMP statistics are stored in system counters. The only way to reset the system counters is to reboot the router. You can, however, establish a baseline for SNMP statistics by setting a group of reference counters to zero. You can use the baseline snmp command to set a statistics baseline for SNMP. To display statistics relative to the current baseline, use the delta keyword with SNMP show commands.

The system implements the baseline by reading and storing the statistics at the time the baseline is set and then subtracting this baseline whenever baseline-relative statistics are retrieved.

Note: SNMP operations (such as Get and Set) continue to use and report statistics from the system counters.

To set a baseline for SNMP statistics:

If you establish a baseline and then enter show snmp command, the statistics have zero or low values. For a sample output for the show snmp command without establishing a baseline, see Monitoring the Communication Status Between the SNMP Agent and the SNMP Manager.

host1#show snmp
Contact: Joe Administrator
Location: Network Lab, Bldg 3 Floor 1
2 SNMP packets input
    0 Bad SNMP version errors
    0 Unknown community name
    0 Illegal operation for community name supplied
    0 Encoding errors
    0 Number of requested variables
    0 Number of altered variables
    1 Get-request PDUs
    1 Get-next PDUs
    0 Set-request PDUs
    0 Unknown security models
    0 Unavailable contexts
2 SNMP packets out
    0 Too big errors (Maximum packet size 1500)
    1 No such name errors
    0 Bad values errors
    0 General errors
    2 Get-response PDUs
    0 SNMP trap PDUs
    0 Invalid Message Report PDUs
    0 Unknown PDU Handler Report PDUs
    0 Unknown Context Report PDUs
    0 Unsupported Security Level Report PDUs
    0 Not in time Window Report PDUs
    0 Unknown Username Report PDUs
    0 Unknown Engine ID Report PDUs
    0 Wrong Digest Report PDUs
    0 Decryption Error Report PDUs

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