Specifying an Egress Point for SNMP Traps

You can use the snmp-server trap-proxy command to enable SNMP trap proxy, which allows you to specify a single SNMP agent as the egress point for SNMP traps from all other virtual routers. This feature removes the need to configure a network path from each virtual router to a single trap collector.

You can enable SNMP trap proxy from either SNMP or the CLI. Only one SNMP trap proxy can exist for a physical router.

The SNMP trap proxy does not forward global traps that it receives from other virtual routers. The corresponding SNMP agent handles global traps locally and does not forward them to the SNMP trap proxy.

To configure the SNMP trap proxy for a specific virtual router context:

  1. Access the virtual router context.
  2. Enable or disable the SNMP trap proxy.

To enable the SNMP trap proxy:

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