Interface Instances Compressing Overview

You can compress interfaces by interface type, table type, and the administrative status of the interface.

Compressing interfaces without specifying a table type removes them from the interface tables (ifTable, ifXTable, and juniIfTable), the interface stack tables (ifStackTable, ifInvStackTable, and juniIfInvStackTable), the ipAddrTable, and the ipNetToMedia table, which increases table retrieval performance. For example, if you want statistics kept only on IP interfaces, then you can compress all interfaces except IP; subsequently, only IP interfaces will appear in the interface tables, interface stack tables, ipAddrTable, and ipNetToMedia table.

Compressing a table type in an interface removes the interface from the specified table type. For example, if you want to compress an interface only in interface tables, you can specify the table-type keyword and interface-tables as the TableType value.

To compress interfaces that have an administrative status of down, use the snmp-server interfaces compress-restriction command.

To compress interfaces according to type, use the snmp-server interfaces compress command. To see the list of interfaces that you can remove, use the command-line interface (CLI) help:

host1(config)#snmp-server interfaces compress ? Atm Atm interface layer Atm1483 Atm1483 interface layer AtmAal5 AtmAal5 interface layer . . .
  SonetVT SonetVT interface layer
VlanMajor VlanMajor interface layer VlanSub VlanSub interface layer <cr>

If you enter the snmp-server interfaces compress command without keywords, the following interface types are removed from the interface tables:

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