Using SFTP for Transfer of Files

SSH uses encryption algorithms to generate a host, server, and session key system that ensures secure data transfer. You can configure SSH host keys to support secure copy (SCP) as an alternative to FTP for the background transfer of data such as configuration archives and event logs.

You can configure the E Series router as a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) client to enable secure and reliable transfer of files to and from an SFTP server. SFTP enables data to be transmitted in a protected, trusted manner over the network and prevents snooping and unauthorized access of the packets transferred. SFTP uses the secure channel that the SSH protocol version 2 provides to transfer data. You can transport files safely between the router and an external, remote host. The SFTP client on the router uses the effective, powerful encryption algorithms that SSH supports to provide confidentiality of data by preventing unauthorized persons from listening in on management traffic. The SSH client supports the 3des-cbc, blowfish-cbc, and twofish-cbc SSH algorithms for encryption.

When the router operates as an SFTP client, a secure channel is established with an SFTP server and an SSH session is initiated automatically. You need not explicitly initiate an SSH session with an SSH server.

The SFTP client enabled on a router does not support the following file transfer and management operations:

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