Gathering Information for Customer Support

When you report a problem with your router, customer support personnel from the Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center may request that you issue the show tech-support command. This command was created to help streamline the information-gathering process by providing a large amount of router information from one command and avoiding the need to access certain diagnostic commands.

The show tech-support command functions like any other show command, and you can issue this command the same way you issue any other show commands on the router. This means that you can redirect the output from the command to a file. For information about redirecting show command output, see Redirection of show Command Output.

Another command that customer support personnel might ask you to use is the tech-support encoded-string command. Customer support will provide you with an encoded string of commands that this command then executes.

To execute an encoded command string provided by Juniper Networks customer support personnel:

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