Assigning Name Servers to the System

To assign name servers to the system:

  1. Access the virtual router context.
    host1(config)#virtual-router boston
  2. Define static routes to the gateways that provide access to the name servers.
    host1:boston(config)#ip route gatewayIpAddress
  3. Enable the virtual router to query the configured DNS name servers when it needs an IP-hostname-to-IP-address translation. Domain lookup is disabled by default.
    host1:boston(config)#ip domain-lookup
  4. Specify a default domain name for the hosts.
    host1:boston(config)#ip domain-name

    Note: You must define a default domain name for each name resolver. Multiple name resolvers can use the same default domain name. If you map an unqualified hostname (one without a domain name) to an IP address with the host ftp command, the domain name is appended to the hostname before the name is stored in the host table.

  5. Specify the DNS name servers that the system can query for hostname-to-IP-address resolution.
    host1:boston(config)#ip name-server host1:boston(config)#ip name-server

    This command supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing formats.

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