Configuring a Virtual Router as an NFS Client

To configure a virtual router as an NFS client:

  1. Access the virtual router context.
  2. Add the remote host to the host table. For more information, see Adding or Modifying an Entry in the Host Table.
    host1:boston(config)#host host50
  3. Configure the remote host as an NFS server for this virtual router. Optionally, specify a user identity and a group identity that a user must specify to connect to the remote host. The default user identity is 2001, and the default group identity is 100.
    host1:boston(config)#ip nfs host host50 user 1500 group 150
  4. Specify the E Series interface that this virtual router will use to exchange NFS communications with this server. Specify either the source-address keyword with the IP address of the interface or the source-interface keyword with the interface type and specifier. For information about interface types and specifiers, see Interface Types and Specifiers in JunosE Command Reference Guide.
    host1:boston(config)#ip nfs source-address host1:boston(config)#ip nfs source-interface atm 3/2.6

    Issuing this command provides connectivity between the E Series router and the remote host if the network configuration restricts communications between devices.

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