File Transfer Using TFTP Overview

You can use TFTP to copy files and redirect output from the E Series router to a remote server if the remote host supports TFTP. Before transferring files by the remote TFTP server, you must use the host command to define the host and to specify TFTP as the file transfer protocol.

The maximum file size is 32 MB for file transfer. The release package for JunosE Release 6.1.0 and higher-numbered releases includes a split version of all release images that exceed 32 MB. Each chunk is less than 32 MB. You can therefore use TFTP with JunosE Release 6.1.0 and higher-numbered releases to transfer large software images. The JunosE Software copies the split images and reassembles them to full size on the router. The file system on the router does not contain any additional images as a result of this operation.

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