Configuring Simple Vty Line Authentication

To configure simple authentication:

  1. Specify a vty line or a range of vty lines on which you want to enable the password.
    host1(config)#line vty 8 13host1(config-line)#
  2. Specify the password for the vty lines.
    host1(config-line)#password 0 mypassword

    Note: To use an encrypted password or a secret, you must follow the procedure in Setting Basic and Enable Password Parametersto obtain the encrypted password or secret. You cannot create your own encrypted password or secret; you must use a system-generated password or secret.

  3. Enable login authentication on the lines.
  4. Display your vty line configuration.

    host1#show line vty 8 no access-class indata-character-bits 8exec-timeout neverexec-banner enabledmotd-banner enabledlogin-timeout 30 seconds

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