List of Figures

Figure 1: Private Line Aggregation with the E Series Router
Figure 2: B-RAS Application
Figure 3: Network Configuration Using a Bottom-Up Approach
Figure 4: E Series Router Support for Fractional T1/E1 Through T3/E3 Interfaces
Figure 5: Channelized T3 Interface Configuration Parameters
Figure 6: T3 Interface Configuration Parameters
Figure 7: SONET Interfaces
Figure 8: Parameters for T1 over DS3 Interface Configuration
Figure 9: Frame Relay Interface Design
Figure 10: Structure of Frame Relay Protocols
Figure 11: Serial Interface Configuration Parameters for a Frame Relay Connection
Figure 12: E Series Router IP/ATM Access Connection
Figure 13: Structure of the ATM Interface Design
Figure 14: Structure of ATM Protocol
Figure 15: ATM Interface Configuration Parameters
Figure 16: IP/PPP Connections from the CPE on an E Series Router
Figure 17: Structure of PPP
Figure 18: PPP Interface Configuration Parameters
Figure 19: Structure of Cisco HDLC Protocol
Figure 20: Example of IP over Ethernet Stacking Configuration Steps
Figure 21: Command Mode Architecture
Figure 22: Transferring System Files to the E Series Router
Figure 23: FTP Configuration Example
Figure 24: DNS Hierarchy Example
Figure 25: Location of the Software Reset Button
Figure 26: Typical Control Packet Processing
Figure 27: Example of an NTP Hierarchy
Figure 28: Virtual Routers