Before You Configure NTP

Before you configure NTP, complete the following procedures:

  1. Configure at least one IP address on the router.
  2. Check that the system clock reads the correct time to within 15 minutes, and that the time zone and summer time settings are correct.
  3. Reset the system clock manually if the time, time zone, or summer time settings are incorrect.
  4. If you want to configure the NTP system as an NTP client, choose the NTP servers.

Choosing NTP Servers

For the system, synchronizing to several stratum 2 or higher servers on the Internet provides sufficient accuracy for the timing of event messages. You can find a list of stratum 2 servers at

If you have access to an NTP server that you know to be reliable and accurate, you can synchronize the system to that server alone. You may prefer this method if you have used Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) with other equipment.

If you know that an NTP server broadcasts on a network to which the system has an interface, you do not need to configure NTP servers. Simply enable the system to accept NTP broadcasts on that interface.