ES2-S1 GE-4 IOAs Overview

The E120 and E320 routers support the ES2-S1 GE-4 IOA. Other E Series routers do not support the ES2-S1 GE-4 IOA.

The ES2-S1 GE-4 IOA pairs with the ES2 4G line module (LM). For more information about the ES2 4G LM, see ES2 4G Line Module.

The ES2-S1 GE-4 IOA is offered in a halfheight size that enables you to configure it in one of two IOA bays that are available for each slot. You can install the ES2-S1 GE-4 IOA in only one of the IOA bays per slot. For more information about installing IOAs, see the E120 and E320 Hardware Guide.

The ES2-S1 GE-4 IOA has four ports. The IOA can use either fiber-optic or copper SFPs. The IOA accepts up to four pairs (Tx/Rx) of LC-style fiber-optic connectors that support different optical modes and cabling distances. Alternatively, the IOA supports up to eight pairs of copper SFPs.

The ES2-S1 GE-4 IOA does not support port redundancy.

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