List of Figures

Figure 1: Stack for Channelized T3 Interface
Figure 2: T1 Channels and DS0 Timeslots on a T3 Line
Figure 3: Stack for T3 ATM Interfaces
Figure 4: Stack for T3 Frame and E3 Frame Interfaces
Figure 5: Interface Stack for OCx/STMx/DS3-ATM Interfaces
Figure 6: Interface Stack for OCx/STMx POS and OC48/STM16 Interfaces
Figure 7: Interface Stack for OCx/STMx POS Interfaces
Figure 8: Stack for cOCx/STMx Interfaces
Figure 9: SONET Multiplexing
Figure 10: SDH Multiplexing
Figure 11: Configuring Fractional T1 in SONET Mode
Figure 12: Configuring Fractional E1 and Unframed E1 in SDH Mode
Figure 13: Interface Stacking for Tunnel-Service Interfaces