Monitoring SONET/SDH Interfaces

You can monitor interface statistics and APS/MSP settings.

Note: The E120 and E320 routers output for monitor and show commands is identical to output from other E Series routers, except that the E120 and E320 routers output also includes information about the adapter identifier in the interface specifier (slot/adapter/port).

Monitoring Interface Statistics

You can set statistics baselines for the section, line, and path layers using the baseline interface sonet commands.

To display statistics for SONET and SDH interfaces, use the show controllers sonet commands. Use the delta options to display statistics with the baseline subtracted.

baseline line interface sonet

baseline path interface sonet

baseline section interface sonet

show controllers sonet

show controllers sonet  line | path | section

Monitoring APS/MSP

You can use the show aps commands to monitor APS/MSP.

show aps

show aps group