Monitoring Interfaces

From User Exec mode, use the following show commands to monitor and display the T3 or E3 interface information:

host1#show controllers t3 0/1 host1#show controllers e3 3/2

Setting a Baseline

You can set a statistics baseline for serial interfaces using the baseline interface serial command. Use the delta keyword with the show commands to display statistics with the baseline subtracted.

Displaying Counters and Time Intervals

Counters and time intervals are MIB statistics, which are defined in
RFC 2496—Definitions of Managed Objects for the DS3/E3 Interface Types (January 1999).

The show controllers t3 slot/port all command displays the following interface information:

The show controllers e3 slot/port all command displays identical information for an E3 controller (except where noted).

Output Filtering

You can use the output filtering feature of the show command to include or exclude lines of output based on a text string you specify. See Command Line Interface in JunosE System Basics Configuration Guide.

baseline interface

show controllers e3

show controllers t3

show controllers t3 remote