Monitoring IGMP Proxy Interfaces


Display information about the interface on which IGMP proxy is configured. To view information about a particular interface, enter an interface type and specifier, such as atm 3/0. For details about interface types and specifiers, see Interface Types and Specifiers in the JunosE Command Reference Guide. You can specify the brief keyword to display a summary rather than a detailed description.


To display information about the specific interface on which IGMP proxy is configured:

host1#show ip igmp-proxy interface atm 3/0.2
Interface atm3/0.2 address
Administrative state enabled, Operational state enabled
Interface parameters: 
    Version 2
    State No v1 Router Present
    Unsolicited report interval 10 secs
    Version 1 router present timeout 400 secs
    0 multicast group
Interface statistics: 
    Rcvd:  0 v1 query, 6 v2 queries
           0 v1 report, 0 v2 report
    Sent:  0 v1 report, 48 v2 reports, 0 leave


Table 28 lists the output fields of the show ip igmp-proxy interface command.

Table 28: show ip igmp-proxy interface Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


Type of upstream interface. For details about interface types, see Interface Types and Specifiers in the JunosE Command Reference Guide.


Address of the upstream interface

Administrative state

State of the upstream interface in the software: enabled or disabled

Operational state

Physical state of the upstream interface: enabled or disabled


IGMP version on this interface


Presence of IGMPv1 routers on the same subnet as this upstream interface

Unsolicited report interval

Time interval, in tenths of a second, at which this upstream interface sends an unsolicited group membership report

Version 1 router present timeout

How long, in seconds, that the upstream interface calculates an IGMPv1 router to exist on the subnet after that interface receives an IGMPv1 group membership query

multicast group

Number of multicast groups associated with this upstream interface

Interface statistics Rcvd

Statistics for messages received on this interface:

  • v1 queries—Number of IGMPv1 group membership queries received
  • v2 queries—Number of IGMPv2 group membership queries received
  • v1 reports—Number of IGMPv1 group membership reports received
  • v2 reports—Number of IGMPv2 group membership reports received

Interface statistics Sent

Statistics for messages sent from this interface:

  • v1 reports—Number of IGMPv1 leave group reports sent
  • v2 reports—Number of IGMPv2 leave group reports sent
  • leaves—Number of leave group membership messages sent

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