Monitoring IGMP Information on a Virtual Router


Display IGMP information for a virtual router.


To display IGMP information for a virtual router:

host1:boston#show ip igmp
Routing Process IGMP, Administrative state enabled, Operational state enabled
    2 total interfaces, 2 enabled, 0 disabled
0 enabled interfaces performing graceful restart
2 learnt groups
IGMP Statistics:
    Rcvd: 1 total, 0 checksum errors, 0 unknown types
          0 queries, 1 reports, 0 leaves
    Sent: 11 total


Table 16 lists the show ip igmp command output fields.

Table 16: show ip igmp Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Routing Process

Routing process for this virtual router (IGMP)

Administrative state

Status of IGMP in the software: enabled or disabled

Operational state

Status of IGMP on the virtual router: enabled or disabled

Total interfaces

Number of interfaces on which you started IGMP


Number of interfaces on which IGMP is enabled


Number of interfaces on which IGMP is disabled

learnt groups

Number of multicast groups that the virtual router has discovered

IGMP graceful restart duration

Restart interval in seconds

IGMP Statistics Rcvd

Statistics for IGMP messages received:

  • total—Total number of IGMP messages received
  • checksum errors—Number of IGMP messages received with checksum errors
  • unknown types—Number of IGMP messages received that are not group membership queries, group membership reports, or leave group membership messages
  • queries—Number of group membership queries
  • reports—Number of group membership reports
  • leaves—Number of leave group membership messages

IGMP Statistics Sent

Statistics for IGMP messages sent:

  • Total number of group membership queries sent

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