Dynamic Port Admission Bandwidth Control

You can configure the system to dynamically limit the total multicast bandwidth that can be admitted on a port. The system performs dynamic port-level admission control when an OIF on that port is added to the mroute for a given <S, G> multicast stream.

After the priority bandwidth limit on the port is reached, OIFs on the prioritized <S, G> are only allowed to forward the traffic and unprioritized <S, G> streams are blocked from forwarding data on the OIF.

To enable a priority value for the <S, G> multicast stream, issue the set priority command in the multicast bandwidth map. A priority value of 0 indicates an unprioritized stream and any value other than 0 indicates a prioritized stream. Currently there is no support for classification of prioritized streams.

host1(config)#mroute port admission-bandwidth-limit 3000000

You can configure limits for the bandwidth that is dynamically admitted on the port. The priority bandwidth limit controls the priority bandwidth admitted on a port. The hysteresis limit sets the minimum priority bandwidth limit before the system evaluates mroutes and admits any blocked OIFs.

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