Monitoring Summary Information of Multicast Routes


Display summary of all or specified multicast routes.


To display brief information about the multicast routes:

host1#show ip mroute summary 
                  IP Multicast Routing Table
Group Address   Source Address  RPF route    RPF Iif         #Oifs
--------------- --------------- ---------    -------------   ----  Register IIF    0  loopback1       1
Counts:     2 (S, G) entries
            0 (*, G) entries


Table 11 lists the show ip mroute summary command output fields.

Table 11: show ip mroute summary Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Group Address

IP address of the multicast group

Source Address

IP address of the multicast source

RPF Route

IP address and network mask of the RPF route


Type and identifier for the incoming interface for the RPF route


Number of outgoing interfaces


Numbers of types of (S,G) pairs:

  • (S,G)—Number of (S,G) entries
  • (*,G)—Number of (*,G) entries

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