Monitoring DVMRP Parameters for a Specific Interface


Display DVMRP parameters for a specified interface.


To display DVMRP parameters for a specified interface:

host1:v3#show ip dvmrp interface
Interface: ATM2/0.1
      Received Bad Packets:                      0
      Received Bad Routes:                       0
      Routes Sent:                               0
      Administrative State:                Enabled
      Summary Address(es)          None Configured
      auto-summary:                        Disabled
      metric-offset in:                          1
      metric-offset out:                         0
      announce-filter:                        None
      accept-filter(s)             None Configured

To display a summary of DVMRP parameters for a specified interface:

host1:boston#show ip dvmrp interface brief
  Interface          SourceAddress   Network/Mask    RBdPk RBdRt SntRt
  atm5/0.14         0     0     2
  atm5/0.15         0     0     2


Table 44 lists the show ip dvmrp interface command output fields.

Table 44: show ip dvmrp interface Output Fields




Type and specifier of the interface connected to a source. For details about interface types and specifiers, see Interface Types and Specifiers in JunosE Command Reference Guide.


IP address of the interface or, for an unnumbered interface, address of the loopback interface


Network and mask of the subnet on which the interface resides

Received Bad Packets/RBdPk

Number of bad packets received on this interface

Received Bad Routes/RBdRt

Number of bad routes received on this interface

Routes Sent/SntRt

Number of bad routes advertised on this interface

Administrative State

Configured state of DVMRP on this interface: enabled or Disabled

Summary Address(es)

Specific summary address or addresses that this interface should advertise


Status of automatic summarization: Enabled or Disabled

metric-offset in

Number of hops by which the router increases a DVMRP route advertised in incoming DVMRP reports

metric-offset out

Number of hops by which the router increases a DVMRP route advertised in outgoing DVMRP reports


Routes advertised by the interface


Names of IP access lists that specify the sources for which the interface accepts routes

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