Monitoring DVMRP Information for a Virtual Router


Display DVMRP information for a VR.


To display DVMRP information for a VR:

host1:boston>show ip dvmrp
Routing Process DVMRP - Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol
  Dvmrp Administrative State:         Enabled
  Multicast Administrative State:     Enabled
  Dvmrp Version:                      3.255
  Generation ID:                      0x46828e2b
  Number of Routes:                   2
  Number of Triggered Routes:         0
  Reachable Routes:                   2
  route-hog-notification:             10000
  route-limit:                        7000
  Send-S32-Prunes-Only:               true
  unicastRoutingOnly:                 false
  Graceful Restart Duration:          60
  Graceful Restart is:                complete (timer 0 seconds)
  Redistribution                      None Configured
  dynamic-redistribution:             enabled 


Table 43 lists the show ip dvmrp command output fields.

Table 43: show ip dvmrp Output Fields



Dvmrp Administrative State

State of DVMRP in the software: Enabled or Disabled

Mcast Administrative State

State of multicasting in the software: Enabled or Disabled

Dvmrp Version

Version of DVMRP with which this software is compatible


A number the router generates each time it reboots; when the number changes, neighbors discard all information previously learned from the router

Number of Routes

Number of routes in the DVMRP routing table

Number of Triggered Routes

Number of routes waiting to be advertised, because a parameter for the route changed

Reachable Routes

Number of routes that the router can currently reach


Number of DVMRP routes that the router can record before it generates a system log warning message


Maximum number of routes that the router can advertise on each interface


Indicator of whether the router sends only S-32 prunes


Router sends only S-32 prunes and grafts to ensure compatibility with other protocols, such as PIM


Router sends S-32 and S/Prefix grafts and prunes

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