Monitoring Active Data MDTs for IPv4


Display information about active data MDTs. Use the following keywords to display the required information:


To display information about a data MDT sender:

host1:PE1#show ip pim data-mdt
PE11 - Sender
  MTI: TUNNEL gre:mvpn-dynamic-1
    Data rate/Threshold: 10012/500 Kbps
    Time until next MDT Join TLV: 25 seconds

To display information about a data MDT receiver:

host1:PE1#show ip pim data-mdt
PE31 - Receiver
  MTI: TUNNEL gre:mvpn-dynamic-3
    Time until MDT Join TLV expires: 29 seconds

To display a summary of data MDT senders:

host1:PE1#show ip pim data-mdt senders summary
VRF    S/R       C-Group     C-Source      P-Group    P-Source           MTI           
----   -------   ---------   -----------   ---------  --------   ---------------
PE11   Sender    TUNNEL gre:mvpn-dynamic-1
PE12   Sender    TUNNEL gre:mvpn-dynamic-2
Counts: 2 senders, 0 receivers, total 3.

To display the number of data MDT senders and receivers:

host1:PE1#show ip pim data-mdt count
Counts: 2 senders, 1 receivers, total 3.


Table 32 lists the show ip pim data-mdt command output fields.

Table 32: show ip pim data-mdt Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

PE Name

Name of the PE


Address of the C-SG


Address of the P-SG


Name of the dynamic IP tunnel on which the data MDT was created

Data rate/Threshold

Rate and threshold of multicast data

Time until next MDT Join TLV

Configured delay until next MDT Join TLV

Time until MDT Join TLV expires

Configured delay until MDT Join TLV expires

Time until switchover from default-MDT

Configured delay until the data MDT switches over to the default MDT

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