Monitoring PIM Router-Level Information for IPv4


Display general PIM router-level information.


To display general PIM router-level information:

host1:1#show ip pim
Default PIM Version: 2
Default Domain Id: 0
Default Hello Period: 30
Default Hello HoldTime: 105
Join-Prune Interval: 100
Join-Prune Holdtime: 350
Keepalive Period: 210
Assert Time: 210
Register Suppression Time: 60
Register Probe Time: 5
Register TTL: 64
SSM enabled, range default
Sparse-Mode Graceful Restart Duration: 30
Graceful restart is complete (timer 0 seconds)
Join filter, access-list bronze
Designated Router Priority: 2


Table 29 lists the show ip pim command output fields.

Table 29: show ip pim Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Default PIM Version

Default PIM version number (always 2)

Default Domain Id

Default Domain Id (always 0)

Default Hello period

Default interval (in minutes) at which the router sends hello messages to neighbors

Default Hello Hold Time

Default time (in minutes) for which the router keeps the neighbor state alive

Join-Prune Interval

Interval value (in seconds) set in the join/prune message originated by the PIM router

Join-Prune Holdtime

Hold time value (in seconds) set in the join/prune messages originated by the PIM router. The hold time is 3.5 times the PIM join/prune message interval value.

Keepalive Period

Time SG join state is maintained in the absence of SG Join message

Assert Time

Period after last assert before assert state is timed out

Register Suppression Time

Period during which a designated router stops sending registers to the RP

Register Probe Time

Time before register suppression time (RST) expires when a designated router might send a NULL-Register to the RP

Register TTL

TTL value (in PIM register packets) originated by this PIM router


State of SSM on this PIM router (enabled or disabled)


Default SSM group range or name of the access list specifying the range

Sparse-Mode Graceful Restart Duration

Restart interval in seconds

Join filter

Name of the join filter access-list (if configured) for this PIM router

Designated Router Priority

Designated router priority value

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