Migrating to BSR from Auto-RP

Migrating to BSR from auto-RP requires that you upgrade all PIM routers in the domain to support BSR. However, until all routers are BSR-capable, continue to use auto-RP.

After all routers are BSR-capable, switch from auto-RP to BSR as follows:

  1. Use the no ip pim send-rp-discovery scope command to stop PIM in the network by disabling all auto-RP mapping agents. This results in flooding to an empty map.
  2. Reconfigure auto-RP mapping agents as candidate BSRs by using the ip pim bsr-candidate command.
  3. Reconfigure auto-RP candidate RPs as BSR candidate RPs by issuing the no ip pim send-rp-announce command and then issuing the ip pim rp-candidate command.

Note: You can configure PIM on IPv4 and IPv6 interfaces. However, IPv6 does not support all PIM configuration options. For information about configuring PIM on IPv6 interfaces, see Configuring PIM for IPv6 Multicast.

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