Monitoring MLD Proxy Parameters


Display MLD proxy parameters for a virtual router.


To display MLD proxy parameters for a virtual router:

host1#sshow ipv6 mld-proxy
Routing Process MLD Proxy, Administrative state enabled, Operational state
    total 1 upstream interface, state enabled
    1 multicast group


Table 76 lists the show ipv6 mld-proxy command output fields.

Table 76: show ipv6 mld-proxy Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Routing Process

MLD proxy protocol

Administrative state

State of MLD proxy in the software

Operational state

Operational state of MLD proxy: enabled or disabled

total interfaces

Number of MLD proxy interfaces on the virtual router; currently only one upstream interface per virtual router


Operational state of the MLD proxy interfaces: enabled or disabled

multicast group

Number of multicast groups associated with MLD proxy interfaces

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