Monitoring MLD Membership for Multicast Groups


Display MLD membership information for multicast groups and (S, G) channels. You can use the brief keyword to see a summary of the information. You can use the tracked keyword to see interface information only for interfaces where explicit host tracking is enabled.


To display MLD membership information for multicast groups and (S, G) channels:

host1:boston# show ipv6 mld membership
Flags: M – Uses Oifmap  S– SSM mapped  T – tracked 
       1,2 – The version of MLD the group is in
<ip-address> - last reporter if the group is not explicitly tracked
<n>/<m> - <n> reporters include mode, <m> reporters in exclude
Group      Source      Reporter                  ExpTim    Flags     Interface
---------  --------    ----------------------    ------    ------    ---------------
ff0e::40      *        fe80::90:1a02:1640:91d    02:41     2S        FastEthernet2/1
ff0e::50               1/2                       02:56    3MT       FastEthernet2/2 
                       fe80::90:1a02:1640:911    02:30
                       fe80::90:1a02:1640:912    02:48      
                       fe80::90:1a02:1640:913    02:56     
                       fe80::90:1a02:1640:911    02:30     
                       fe80::90:1a02:1640:911    02:30 
                       fe80::90:1a02:1640:912    02:48     
                       fe80::90:1a02:1640:913    02:56     
ff0e::60               fe80::90:1a02:1640:901    01:56     3        FastEthernet2/3
           10::10                                02:45
           10::11                                02:35 
           10::12                                02:15 
           10::14                                stop
ff0e::70               fe80::90:1a02:1640:91     stop      3        FastEthernet2/4
           40::10                                01:10
           40::11                                01.24
ff0e::80               2/0                       stop      3T       FastEthernet2/5 
                       fe80::90:1a02:1650:910    02:48     
                       fe80::90:1a02:1650:920    02:56     
                       fe80::90:1a02:1650:910    02:48     
           50::12      fe80::90:1a02:1650:920    02:56     
ff0e::90               0/3                       02:56     2T       FastEthernet2/6 
                       fe80::90:1a02:1660:910    02:48     
                       fe80::90:1a02:1660:920    02:56     
                       fe80::90:1a02:1660:930    02:48 


Table 72 lists the show ipv6 mld membership command output fields.

Table 72: show ipv6 mld membership Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


Multicast group or (S, G) channel


(S, G) entries that are forwarding traffic


Hosts that requested including sources or that have not requested excluding sources. If listed under a group, host that sent exclude reports for the group. If listed under a source, host that requested traffic from this source for the group. For any (S, G), if listed under a source, indicates hosts interested in the traffic for this (S, G).


Expiration time


  • M—Uses Oifmap
  • S—SSM mapped
  • T—Tracked
  • 1, 2—MLD version that the group is in


Type of interface and interface specifier. For details about interface types and specifiers, see Interface Types and Specifiers in JunosE Command Reference Guide.

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