Monitoring MLD on Outgoing Interfaces


Display all OIF maps or the OIF map for the specified map name.


To display all OIF maps:

host1#show ipv6 mld oif-map
     Map Name         Group Prefix      Source Prefix           OIF        
------------------ ------------------ ------------------ ------------------
OIFMAP             ff3e::/112         ::/0               ATM5/0.121        
                   ff3e::/112         10::2/128          self              
                   ff3e::/112         10::10/128         ATM5/0.120        
                   ff3e::3/128        ::/0               ATM5/0.130        
                   ff3e::4/128        ::/0               ATM5/0.130 


Table 71 lists the show ipv6 mld oif-map command output fields.

Table 71: show ipv6 mld oif-map Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Map Name

Name of the map associated to the show output

Group Prefix

Multicast group IPv6 prefix

Source Prefix

Source IPv6 prefix


Outgoing interface associated with the group and source prefix

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