Monitoring Multicast Routes on Virtual Router Ports


Display information for multicast routes on a port across all virtual routers.

Note: This command displays information for mroutes on a port across all virtual routers.


To display the multicast route port outgoing interface, limits, counts, bandwidth settings, and bandwidth accepted:

host1#show mroute port count
BW     Priority
Port    Limit   Count    bps     BW bps    Hysteresis   Admitted
-----   -----   -----   -----   --------   ----------   --------
1/1/0   None    1       None    None       85           0
1/1/1   None    2       15000   10000      85           2000         


Table 14 lists the output fields of the show mroute port count command.

Table 58: show mroute port count Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


Slot or port value on the router


None (reserved for future functionality)


Number of multicast route outgoing interfaces on the specified port

BW bps

Bandwidth limit (in bits per second)

Priority BW bps

Priority bandwidth limit (in bits per second)


Bandwidth admitted on the port (in bits per second)

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