Configuring Hardware Multicast Packet Replication Without OIF-Mapping

To configure hardware multicast packet replication without OIF-mapping:

  1. Configure port 8 on a high-density Ethernet module to accept redirected egress multicast traffic.
    1. Specify the Gigabit Ethernet interface on port 8.
    2. Create a VLAN major interface.
    3. Create a VLAN subinterface.
    4. Assign a VLAN ID.
    5. Configure an unnumbered IP interface.
    6. Enable IGMP on the interface with only multicast-data-forwarding capability.
      host1(config)#interface gigabitEthernet 2/8 host1(config-if)#encapsulation vlan host1(config-if)#interface gigabitEthernet 2/8.1 host1(config-if)#vlan id 1 host1(config-if)#ip unnumbered loopback 0 host1(config-if)#ip igmp version passive
  2. Configure an IP interface to redirect egress multicast traffic to port 8.
    1. Create a VLAN subinterface.
    2. Assign a VLAN ID.
    3. Assign an IP address.
    4. Configure the interface to redirect egress multicast traffic to port 8.
      host1(config)#interface gigabitEthernet 2/0.101 host1(config-if)#vlan id 1 host1(config-if)#ip address host1(config-if)#ip multicast ioa-packet-replication gigabitEthernet 2/8.1

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