Dynamic ATM 1483 Subinterfaces over Static ATM AAL5 Interfaces Overview

E Series routers support configuration of dynamic ATM 1483 subinterfaces over static ATM AAL5 interfaces over ATM. The dynamic ATM 1483 subinterface can perform autodetection and dynamic creation of the following upper-layer encapsulation types:

When you use dynamic interfaces over static ATM 1483 subinterfaces, you must configure the ATM interface and each ATM 1483 subinterface, including the ATM PVC and the attributes of the subinterface. Subinterface attributes include profile assignments, autoconfiguration settings, and subscriber configurations.

By contrast, when you use dynamic ATM 1483 subinterfaces over static ATM AAL5 interfaces, you use a process called bulk configuration to configure a range of ATM PVCs that support dynamic interfaces. On receipt of an incoming packet on the virtual circuit, the router dynamically creates the ATM 1483 subinterface. As part of the configuration process, you create an ATM 1483 base profile, which can optionally include nested profile assignments, to define the attributes required to configure the dynamic ATM 1483 subinterface and the dynamic upper-layer encapsulation types built over it.

Bulk configuration provides an efficient and timesaving way to specify a range of ATM PVCs for dynamic ATM 1483 subinterfaces. Because bulk configuration requires significantly less configuration of the router, it results in reduced output when you issue the show configuration command to display the current router configuration.

Dynamic ATM 1483 subinterfaces function identically to static ATM 1483 subinterfaces, except for the manner in which they are created and configured. The creation of dynamic upper-layer encapsulation types is essentially the same regardless of whether they are configured over static ATM 1483 subinterfaces or dynamic ATM 1483 subinterfaces.

Figure 60 shows the dynamic upper-interface columns supported by dynamic ATM 1483 subinterfaces, and indicates which layers in the columns are static and dynamic.

Figure 60: Dynamic Interface Columns over Dynamic ATM 1483 Subinterfaces

Dynamic Interface Columns over Dynamic
ATM 1483 Subinterfaces

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