Terminating Stale PPPoA Subscribers and Restarting LCP Negotiations Overview

In configurations of dynamic IP over dynamic PPP over a dynamic (bulk-configured) ATM 1483 subinterface, the router sends an LCP terminate request packet to a PPPoA CPE device in response to receipt of an IPv4-over-PPP data packet or an IPv6-over-PPP data packet when the dynamic ATM 1483 subinterface transitions to a dormant state due to an ungraceful subscriber logout. This action terminates stale PPPoA subscribers and causes the CPE to restart LCP negotiations. This behavior is always in effect on the router and does not require CLI or SNMP configuration.

The implementation of this feature for dynamic ATM 1483 subinterfaces is almost identical to the implementation for static ATM 1483 subinterfaces, with the following difference:

For details about the operation and benefits of this feature, see Overview of Terminating Stale PPPoA Subscribers and Restarting LCP Negotiations, which describes the router behavior for static ATM 1483 subinterfaces.

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