Bulk Configuration and VC Classes Overview

You can assign a previously configured VC class to a bulk-configured VC range. A VC class is a set of attributes for virtual circuits that can include the service category, encapsulation method, F5 OAM options, and Inverse ARP. Using VC classes to configure VC attributes provides the following benefits:

To assign a VC class to a bulk-configured VC range, you use the atm class-vc command from Profile Configuration mode to associate the VC class to a base profile. Issuing this command applies the set of attributes in the specified VC class to all bulk-configured VC ranges that are dynamically created from this base profile.

For details about configuring and using VC classes, including information about how precedence levels affect how the router determines attributes values for dynamically created circuits, see Configuring ATM VC Classes in Configuring ATM.

Note: Using the atm class-vc command inside a nested profile that is referenced in a base profile has no effect on the bulk-configured VC ranges associated with the base profile. The router accepts only those VC class assignments that are configured in a base profile and ignores any VC class assignments made in a nested profile.

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