Monitoring Configuration Information of an ATM AAL5 Interface


Display information about a configured ATM AAL5 interface.


To display information about a configured ATM AAL5 interface:

host1#show atm aal5 interface atm 3/0
AAL5 Interface ATM 3/0 operational status:    lowerLayerDown
      time since last status change: 00:08:46
SNMP trap link-status: disabled 
Auto configure ATM 1483 status: disabled 
InPackets:        0
InBytes:          0
OutPackets:       0
OutBytes:         0
InErrors:         0
OutErrors:        0
InPacketDiscards: 0
OutDiscards:      0


Table 50 lists the show atm aal5 interface command output fields.

Table 59: show atm aal5 interface Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

AAL5 Interface operational status

Operational status of the AAL5 interface: up, down, lowerLayerDown

time since last status change

Time since last reported change to the AAL5 interface operational status in hh:mm:ss format

SNMP trap link-status

Whether SNMP link status traps are enabled or disabled on the ATM AAL5 interface

Auto configure ATM 1483 status

Whether the autoconfiguration feature for a dynamic ATM 1483 subinterface configured over the ATM AAL5 interface is enabled or disabled


Number of packets received on this interface


Number of bytes received on this interface


Number of packets transmitted on this interface


Number of bytes transmitted on this interface


Number of incoming errors received on this interface


Number of outgoing errors on this interface


Number of incoming packets discarded on this interface


Number of outgoing packets discarded on this interface

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