Configuring Dynamic PPPoE over Static PPPoE with Ethernet and S-VLAN Interface Columns

Figure 55 shows dynamic PPPoE subinterface columns over PPPoE major interfaces using S-VLANs over Ethernet.

Figure 55: Dynamic PPPoE over Static PPPoE with S-VLAN Interface Columns

Dynamic PPPoE over Static PPPoE with
S-VLAN Interface Columns

To configure an S-VLAN subinterface to support a dynamic PPPoE subinterface:

  1. Specify a Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, or 10-Gigabit Ethernet interface.
    host1(config)#interface fastEthernet 4/1
  2. Specify VLAN as the encapsulation method.
    host1(config-if)#encapsulation vlan

    This command creates the VLAN major interface.

  3. Create a VLAN subinterface by adding a subinterface number to the interface identifier.
    host1(config-if)#interface fastEthernet 3/1.1
  4. Assign an S-VLAN ID and a VLAN ID for the subinterface.
    host1(config-if)#svlan id 3 300
  5. Assign an S-VLAN Ethertype.
    host1(config-if)#svlan ethertype 9200
  6. Specify PPPoE as the encapsulation method on the interface.
    host1(config-subif)#encapsulation pppoe

    This command creates the PPPoE major interface.

  7. Assign a profile.
    host1(config-subif)#pppoe profile pppoeProfile3

    The default encapsulation type, any, applies to any autoconfigured encapsulation that does not have a specific profile assignment.

  8. Configure the interface to detect and accept dynamic PPPoE subinterfaces.
    host1(config-subif)#pppoe auto-configure

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