Configuring Dynamic PPPoE over Static PPPoE with ATM Interface Columns

Figure 51 shows dynamic PPPoE subinterface columns and illustrates an alternative method for PPPoE to support multiple IP sessions over each ATM 1483 circuit.

Figure 51: Dynamic PPPoE over Static PPPoE with ATM Interface Columns

Dynamic PPPoE over Static PPPoE with
ATM Interface Columns

To configure an ATM 1483 subinterface to support a dynamic PPPoE subinterface:

  1. Configure a physical interface.
    host1(config)#interface atm 5/0
  2. Configure an ATM 1483 subinterface.
    host1(config-if)#interface atm 5/0.1
  3. Configure a PVC by specifying the virtual circuit descriptor, the virtual path identifier, the virtual channel identifier, and the encapsulation type. For more information, see Creating a PVC on an ATM 1483 Subinterface.
    host1(config-subif)#atm pvc 10 10 22 aal5snap

    If you want the router to autodetect the encapsulation type, use the aal5autoconfig option.

    host1(config-subif)#atm pvc 10 10 22 aal5autoconfig
  4. Set the encapsulation type to PPPoE to create the PPPoE major interface.
    host1(config-subif)#encapsulation pppoe
  5. Assign a profile.
    host1(config-subif)#pppoe profile pppoeProfile1

    The default encapsulation type, any, applies to any autoconfigured encapsulation that does not have a specific profile assignment.

  6. Configure the interface to detect and accept dynamic PPPoE subinterfaces.
    host1(config-subif)#pppoe auto-configure

    When you configure dynamic encapsulation type lockout for PPPoE sessions that contain the IWF-Session DSL Forum VSA (26-254) in the PPPoE active discovery request (PADR) packets, even if PPPoE sessions associated with a particular MAC address are locked out, other PPPoE sessions that originated with the same MAC address are not terminated (continue to remain logged in) if they are IWF sessions from different access loops (PPPoE clients) and this information is available to the B-RAS application.

  7. (Optional) Verify your configuration. For more information, see Monitoring Status or Summary Information for ATM Subinterfaces.
    host1#show atm subinterface atm 5/0.1
                                   Circuit                           Interface
    Interface ATM-Prot VCD VPI VCI  Type   Encap MTU      Status       Type
    --------- -------- --- --- --- ------- ----- ---- -------------- ---------
    ATM 5/0.1 RFC-1483  10  10  22 PVC     SNAP  9180 lowerLayerDown Static
    Auto configure status         : static
    Auto configure interface(s)   : none
    Detected 1483 encapsulation   : none
    Detected dynamic interface    : none
    Interface types in lockout    : none
    Assigned profile (IP)         : none assigned
    Assigned profile (BridgedEnet): none assigned
    Assigned profile (PPP)        : none assigned
    Assigned profile (PPPoE)      : none assigned
    Assigned profile (any)        : none assigned
    SNMP trap link-status: disabled
    Assigned VC Class: none assigned
    InPackets:                0
    InBytes:                  0
    OutPackets:               0
    OutBytes:                 0
    InErrors:                 0
    OutErrors:                0
    InPacketDiscards:         0
    InPacketsUnknownProtocol: 0
    OutDiscards:              0
    InPolicedPackets:         0
    OutPolicedPackets:        0
    1 interface(s) found
    host1#show pppoe interface atm 5/0.1
    PPPoE interface ATM 5/0.1 is operStatusLowerLayerDown
        PPPoE interface ATM 5/0.1 has max sessions = 8000
        PPPoE interface ATM 5/0.1 MTU 1494
        PPPoE interface ATM 5/0.1 has no acName set
        PPPoE interface ATM 5/0.1 autoconfigured subinterfaces
        PPPoE interface ATM 5/0.1 has 0 active connections,
            out of 0 configured subinterfaces
    Assigned profile (any)        : pppoeProfile1
    PPPoE Statistics
        PADI received       0
        PADI transmitted    0
        PADO received       0
        PADO transmitted    0
        PADR received       0
        PADR transmitted    0
        PADS received       0
        PADS transmitted    0
        PADT received       0
        PADT transmitted    0
        PADM received       0
        PADM transmitted    0
        PADN received       0
        PADN transmitted    0
      PAD packets received        0
      PAD packets transmitted     0
      Invalid PAD Packets:
        Invalid Version           0
        Invalid PAD Code          0
        Invalid PAD Tags          0
        Invalid PAD Tag length    0
        Invalid PAD Type          0
        Invalid PADI Session      0
        Invalid PADR Session      0
        Invalid PAD packet length 0
        Invalid PAD packets       0
       Total Invalid PAD packets  0
       Ingress Policed Packets 0
       Egress Policed Packets 0
      Insufficient Resources 0

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