Dynamic PPP and PPPoE Interfaces over Static ATM Overview

E Series routers support dynamic PPP and PPPoE interfaces. The configuration procedure is very similar for each.

When using the auto-configure command, select only ppp or pppoe. The router automatically builds the necessary interfaces for you. When you indicate pppoe, on receipt of a PPPoE packet, the dynamic interface built is IP over PPP over PPPoE over ATM. Likewise, when you indicate ppp, the dynamic interface built is IP over PPP over ATM.

Figure 48 shows dynamic PPP interface columns on ATM interfaces.

Figure 48: Dynamic PPP Interface Columns

Dynamic PPP Interface Columns

Figure 49 shows dynamic PPPoE interface columns and illustrates how PPPoE supports multiple IP sessions over each ATM 1483 circuit.

Figure 49: Dynamic PPPoE Interface Columns

Dynamic PPPoE Interface Columns

You can specify either or both ppp and pppoe for the interface by specifying the auto-configure command for each type of interface. The first packet received defines the type of dynamic interface that is created.

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