Creating a PVC on an ATM 1483 Subinterface

You use the atm pvc command to define the underlying circuit supporting an ATM 1483 subinterface. When you define a circuit with this command by using the aal5autoconfig option, it causes the ATM 1483 encapsulation (LLC/SNAP encapsulation or VC multiplexed) to be autodetected. Alternatively, if you use the aal5snap or aal5mux ip option, the ATM 1483 encapsulation becomes fixed, but higher layers can be dynamic.

To configure a circuit for autodetection of the ATM 1483 encapsulation and all higher layers:

You can also include the atm pvc command in a base profile assigned to a dynamic ATM 1483 interface to apply encapsulation and traffic-shaping parameters to a bulk-configured range of PVCs. For information, see Configuring a Base Profile to Apply Encapsulation, Traffic-Shaping and OAM Parameters to a Bulk Range of PVCs Configured on an ATM AAL5 Interface.

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