Configuring PPP over a Serial Interface

Before you configure a PPP interface, configure the interface or tunnel over which PPP traffic will flow. The procedures described in this topic assume that a physical interface has been configured. See the following chapters for additional information:

To configure PPP over a serial interface:

  1. From Global Configuration mode, specify the physical interface on which you want to configure PPP.
    host1(config)#interface serial 3/0:2/5
  2. Specify PPP as the encapsulation method (data-link protocol) on the interface.
    host1(config-if)#encapsulation ppp
  3. Assign an IP address and subnet mask for the interface.
    host1(config-if)#ip address
  4. (Optional) Configure the packet over SONET (POS) interface on which PPP encapsulation is configured to transition to the up state only when the NCP packets are received in a sequence. If you configure this setting, the PPP sessions are not established if the NCP packets arrive in an out-of-order format. By default, the capability to establish PPP sessions only when the NCP packets arrive in a sequence is configured.

    Note: This step applies only if you configure the physical interface in Step 1 of this procedure as a POS interface by using the interface pos command. Otherwise, it is not required to set the POS interfaces with PPP encapsulation with this option on sequencing of NCP packets.

    host1(config)#ppp ncp-Ordering-Required
  5. Verify that your configuration changes are correct.
    host1#show ppp interface serial 3/0:2/5 config

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