Multiclass MLPPP Platform Considerations

You can configure multiclass MLPPP on the following E Series Broadband Services Routers:

Module Requirements

For information about modules that support multiclass MLPPP on the E120 and E320 Broadband Services Routers:

Interface Specifiers

For E120 and E320 routers, use the slot/adapter/port format, which includes an identifier for the bay in which the I/O adapter (IOA) resides. In the software, adapter 0 identifies the right IOA bay (E120 router) and the upper IOA bay (E320 router); adapter 1 identifies the left IOA bay (E120 router) and the lower IOA bay (E320 router). For example, the following command specifies a gigabitEthernet interface on slot 3, adapter 0, port 0 of an E320 router.

host1(config)#interface gigabitEthernet 3/0/0

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