Creating an NBMA Static Map

Static mapping creates an association between IP address–ATM PVC pairs for one or more member circuits of an ATM 1483 NBMA interface. Not every circuit necessarily gets the required association from a static map.

In the following procedure, you can repeat Step 2 for each circuit you want to map. You can associate with an interface a map group name that you have not already established. When you define the map list, the name is associated with that interface. You can perform Steps 3 and 4 before Steps 1 and 2 without affecting the results.

To set up a static map:

  1. Create a map list by naming it.
    host1(config)#map-list charlie
  2. Associate a protocol and an address with a specific virtual circuit.
    host1(config-map-list)#ip atm-vc 1 broadcast
  3. Specify an ATM interface.
    host1(config-if)#interface atm 2/0
  4. Associate the map list with the interface.
    host1(config-if)#map-group charlie

atm pvc

interface atm

ip atm-vc