Monitoring Transparent Bridging

This section describes how to:

Setting Statistics Baselines

You can set a statistics baseline for a bridge group (by using the baseline bridge command) or for a bridge interface (by using the baseline bridge interface command).

baseline bridge

baseline bridge interface

Removing Dynamic MAC Address Entries

You can remove all dynamic (learned) MAC address entries from the forwarding table for a bridge group (using the clear bridge command) or for a bridge interface (using the clear bridge interface command). You can also use the clear bridge address command to remove a specific dynamic MAC address entry from the forwarding table for a bridge group.

clear bridge

clear bridge address

clear bridge interface

Monitoring Bridge Groups

You can use show commands to display information about the bridge groups configured on your router.

show bridge

show bridge groups

show bridge port

show bridge table

Monitoring Bridge Interfaces

You can use the show bridge interface command to display information for a specified bridge interface or for all interfaces assigned to a bridge group.

show bridge interface

Monitoring Subscriber Policies

You can use the show subscriber-policy command to display the rules for all subscriber policies configured on your router or for a specified subscriber policy.

show subscriber-policy