Sending Interface Descriptions to AAA

During authentication the router sends ATM interface descriptions to AAA. AAA passes the descriptions to RADIUS, and they can appear in the Calling-Station-Id attribute [31]. (For information about RADIUS and the Calling-Station-ID attribute, see JunosE Broadband Access Configuration Guide.)

By default, the router sends the major interface descriptions to AAA on the SRP. You can configure the router to send VP interface descriptions in place of the major interface descriptions, or to send ATM 1483 subinterface descriptions to AAA on the line module. As a result, the VP or ATM 1483 subinterface descriptions can provide a convenient way to identify or group broadband access subscribers.

If you set up multiple interface descriptions, they have the following precedence:

  1. ATM 1483 subinterface description
  2. VP interface description
  3. Major interface description

Assigning Descriptions to Virtual Paths

To assign a description to an individual VP on an ATM interface, use the atm vp-description command. The VP description does not affect existing descriptions configured for the ATM interface or ATM 1483 subinterface on which the VP resides. However, if you delete the ATM interface, the descriptions of all VPs residing on that interface are also deleted. In addition, if you decrease the VPI range by issuing the atm vc-per-vp command, the router deletes the descriptions of any VPs that are removed.

To display the VP description, use the show atm vp-description command, as described in Using ATM show Commands. Although you need not configure a VP tunnel to specify a VP description, the router also displays the VP description in the output of the show atm vp-tunnel command.

Exporting ATM 1483 Subinterface Descriptions

To assign a description to an ATM 1483 subinterface and configure the router to send the ATM 1483 VC interface descriptions to the line module:

  1. Configure a text description for ATM 1483 subinterfaces with the atm atm1483 description command. This description is included in the interface identifier that is sent to AAA.

    To configure this feature for ATM 1483 subinterfaces, enter this command in Profile Configuration mode. See Dynamic ATM 1483 Subinterfaces over Static ATM AAL5 Interfaces Overview in Configuring Dynamic Interfaces Using Bulk Configuration.

    host1(config-subif)#atm atm1483 description VC_atm1
  2. Set up the router to export ATM 1483 VC interface descriptions to the line module.
    host1(config)#atm atm1483 export-subinterface-description
  3. (Optional) Display the configuration of the export ATM 1483 VC interface descriptions feature with the show atm atm1483 command.
    host1#show atm atm1483
    ATM1483 IF Descriptions exported 
  4. (Optional) Display the interface descriptions with the show atm subinterface atm command.

atm atm1483 description

atm atm1483 export-subinterface-description

atm vp-description