Configuring Bridged IP

To configure an ATM interface using bridged IP encapsulation:

  1. Configure a physical interface.
    host1(config)#interface atm 0/1
  2. Configure the subinterface.
    host1(config-if)#interface atm 0/1.20
  3. Configure a PVC on the subinterface by specifying the virtual circuit descriptor (VCD), the virtual path identifier (VPI), the virtual channel identifier (VCI), and the encapsulation type.
    host1(config-if)#atm pvc 10 22 100 aal5snap
  4. Configure bridged IP encapsulation.
    host1(config-if)#encapsulation bridge1483
  5. Assign an IP address and subnet mask to the PVC.
    host1(config-subif)#ip address

    Note: You can also assign an IP template to the interface or create an unnumbered interface instead of assigning an IP address. For details, see Configuring IP in JunosE IP, IPv6, and IGP Configuration Guide.

  6. (Optional) Use the appropriate show commands to verify your configuration.
    host1#show atm interface 0/1 host1#show atm vc 0/1 10 host1#show atm subinterface 0/1.20

    For more information about using these commands, see Monitoring ATM in Configuring ATM.

atm pvc

encapsulation bridge1483

interface atm