Configuring the MTU Size for Bridged Ethernet

You can use the bridge1483 mtu command to configure a nondefault maximum transmission unit (MTU) size, in bytes, for a bridged Ethernet interface. The default MTU size for a bridged Ethernet interface is 1518 bytes.

Because you configure a bridged Ethernet interface over an ATM 1483 subinterface, the MTU size set with the bridge1483 mtu command is limited by the MTU set for the underlying ATM 1483 subinterface. As a result, the bridge1483 mtu command requires you to configure an MTU size for the bridged Ethernet interface that does not exceed the maximum allowable MTU size for the underlying ATM 1483 subinterface, 9180 bytes.

The configured MTU size for an interface is referred to as its administrative MTU, and the MTU size at which the interface actually operates is referred to as its operational MTU. For bridged Ethernet interfaces, the operational MTU is the lesser of the following two values:

You can also use the bridge1483 mtu command in a profile to configure a nondefault MTU size for a dynamic bridged Ethernet interface. For information, see Dynamic Interface Configuration Using a Profile.

bridge1483 mtu