Configuring an IPsec Transport Profile

To configure an IPsec transport profile that is used to secure DVMRP, GRE, or L2TP tunnels:

  1. Create the profile. For more information about creating an IPsec transport profile, see Creating an IPsec Transport Profile.
    host1(config)#ipsec transport profile secureGre virtual-router default ip address host1(config-ipsec-transport-profile)#
  2. Specify one or more types of application that the profile secures. For more information about configuring the types of application created with an IPsec transport profile, see Configuring the Type of Application Secured by Connections Created with an IPsec Transport Profile.
    host1(config-ipsec-transport-profile)#application gre dvmrp l2tp

You can set any of the following parameters for the profile:

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