Configuring E Series Routers to Set Up an L2TP/IPsec Tunnel

You can configure E Series routers to set up an L2TP tunnel secured with IPsec.

The main configuration tasks for setting up L2TP/IPsec are:

  1. Set up IP connectivity to L2TP clients; for example, PPPoE, DHCP, or static IP.
  2. Set up digital certificates on the router, or configure preshared keys for IKE authentication.
  3. Create IPsec policies. See Defining an IKE Policy in Configuring IPsec.
  4. Configure RADIUS authentication and accounting. See the JunosE Broadband Access Configuration Guide.
  5. Configure L2TP destination profiles. See Configuring an L2TP Destination Profile to Enable IPsec Support for L2TP Tunnels.
  6. Configure NAT-T on the virtual router. See Enabling NAT-T on a Virtual Router.
  7. Configure single-shot L2TP/IPsec tunnels. See Configuring Single-Shot L2TP/IPsec Tunnels.
  8. Configure IPsec transport profiles. See Configuring an IPsec Transport Profile.

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