Monitoring the Binding Table Information of the Mobile IP Home Agent


Display the binding table information of the Mobile IP home agent on the virtual router.


To display the binding table information of the Mobile IP home agent on the virtual router:

host1#show ip mobile binding
Home IP address:
Home agent address:
Lifetime granted : 10:00:00 (36000 seconds)
Lifetime remaining : 01:46:32
Tunnel: Source, Destination, Encapsulation GRE
Reverse tunnel: enabled


Table 48 lists the output fields for the show ip mobile binding command.

Table 48: show ip mobile binding Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


Network access identifier of the mobile node in user@realm, @realm, or @ format


Network access identifier returned from the AAA server in user@realm, @realm, or @ format

Home IP address

IP address of the mobile node

Home agent address

IP address of the Mobile IP home agent


IP care-of address or co-located care-of address of the foreign agent

Lifetime granted

Lifetime granted to the mobile node for registration. Number of seconds is given in parentheses. The interval is defined in the following format: hh:mm:sec.

Lifetime remaining

Time remaining until the registration is expired. It has the same initial value as Lifetime granted, and is counted down by the Mobile IP home agent.


Information about the tunnel used by the mobile node:

  • Source – Source IP address of the tunnel
  • Destination – Destination address of the tunnel
  • Encapsulation – Encapsulation type of the tunnel:
    • GRE – Generic Routing Encapsulation tunnels
    • IP-in-IP – Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol tunnels

Reverse tunnel

Reverse tunneling status: enabled or disabled

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