Monitoring ANCP Statistics


Display information about the ANCP statistics.


To display information about the ANCP statistics:

host1#show l2c statistics
Current session timeout: 25 seconds
  Discovery: Enabled
  Number of configured routers: 1
  Number of neighbors: 5
  Number of active neighbors: 1
  Number of end-user-ids: 25
  Number of peer-attachment-ids: 39
  Number of add-branches: 0
  Number of delete-branches: 0


Table 30 lists the show l2c statistics command output fields.

Table 30: show l2c statistics Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Current session timeout

Configured session timeout (in seconds)


State of topology discovery (Enabled or Disabled)

Number of configured routers

Number of ANCP configured routers

Number of neighbors

Number of ANCP neighbors

Number of active neighbors

Number of active ANCP neighbors

Number of end-user-ids

Number of ANCP end user IDs (output labels)

Number of peer-attachment-ids

Number of ANCP peer attachment IDs (input labels)

Number of add-branches

Number of ANCP branches added

Number of delete-branches

Number of ANCP branches deleted

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